Far Away from Home

Duur Garchay Hain Ghairon Say
Apnay Pyaron Say
Rishtaydaaroun Say
Bachpan kay Doston Say
Aur Yaaroun Say
Is Doori Mai Watan Ki Hifazat
Ka waada Hai Inn Paharoun Say
In Junglon Say
Bayabanon Say
Dasht o Sehraoun Say
In Fizaaoun Say
Ghar Say Doori Mai Bhi Aey Pak Watan
La Basaya Hai Hamain 
Inn Paharon Nay
Paharoun Ki Goud Mai 
Gaaon Mai !!
Iss Gaaon Kay Jis Mai Hum Bastay Hain
Iss Gaaon Ko Samungli Kehtay Hain
Yeh Paharoun Say
Kohsaaron Say Hai Dhakka Hua
Phoolon Say
Phalon / Poudoun Say Hai Lada Hua
Chaar Soo Hai Darakhtoun Say Saja Hua
Pyaar o Muhabat Say Yahan Log Rehtay Hain
Ghar Say Zyaada Issay Ghar 
Samajhtey Hain
Hai Yeh Chota Sa Gaoun Per
Ismay Hai Ek Shahr Basa Hua
Shehron Ka Bharpoor Rang Is Mai Hai Racha Hua
Aur Last One is Esp for My Hero….
Is Samungli Say Mujhay Bhi Pyaar Tau Hai
Per Kya Karun Kay Dil Mai Bhara Ghubaar Bhai Hai
Samungli Kay Jahan Posted Hai Mera Hero
Jo Karachi Wapis Anay Ko Tayyar Nahi Hai !
Wrote by a dear friend F.

You, I and the MOON.

Last night while thinking a deep thought
I looked up at the sky with a sigh!
Well…to tell the truth, I was thinking of you
Who has affected me as no one dared to do
I tried to think hard, have I really lost it to you
My heart, my integrity, my pride..to name a few!
I never used to talk, let aside think
Whether is love for real and does it really prevail?
There I saw myself looking at the moon
I absently tried to see in it….you!
The moon was beautiful as always, I knew
But my heart said it’s not! , when compared to you! 
The moon …I thought was so yellow so bright
Making the sky, rather the world so gay!
But my heart said something different again
Hey. ..its you who makes me feel that way! 
You have given this light of love
Wherever I look it brightens the view!
But the moon is so high, I tried to argue
It surely does stand out, like none other do
My heart smiled and negated my views
You have reached higher all,respect, due!
You work with devotion, are focused too
You have attained a position like passionates do!
I tried hard but nothing was gained
So I stubbornly with jealousy blurred these out too
The moon is so proud, os so far away from reach
I knew this for sire would make my heart loose!
With hollow tone and teary eyes
My heart smiled ironically. …
Alas! But you see..my beloved is far
Further more out of my reach!
You get to see moon, every other day
My beloved would just not show up for many a days!!!
Wrote by a dear Friend “F”.

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