What Love Mean To Me

What Love mean to me!!

I want to know what i am!
I want to know what i want!
i want to know who i am!
i want to know where should i go!

These queries trouble me a lot!
With such queries i fight the battles lost!
The only thing I end up with
Is the troublesome onslaught!

Last night thinking of the sea
My thoughts kept flying back to thee
I tried to rationalize and see
Is it really the flame of love, burning within me!

For you I want to be all calm
For you I want to keep open my arms
For you I want to be soothing as balm!
For you I want to be the shelter from all the harm!

I want to be like the vast ocean
To attain all the tranquility in my bosom
And to ease away all your tension
I want you to be there totally under my discretion!

I want to be so free yet very powerful too
I want to be open and yet confined too
I want to be aloof yet the most concerned for you too
I want to be lethal yet life-line too

I want you to seek my love to relax
To find the feelings of comfort and solace
I want you to find peace in my embrace
That when others see, they find its radiance in your face!

Wrote by F


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