Accountability ….

Some words on accountability from a dear friend :

Each of us must be accountable
for wrongs committed–there
are no secret deeds.
Each is revealed in the Light.
Do not think that the other’s
wrong is greater, therefore yours
does not count; each are a
stain upon the soul.
Make restitution to those
whom you have harmed.
Ask them to forgive you.
If they do not, you have done your part.
No error is too small to ignore,
or too grave to forgive.
You need not be with those
who continue to harm you,
but leave with your heart
free of bitterness; pray for them
that they may choose the Light.
We are each accountable
for thought and deed.
Delay not, right your wrongs;
live in peace and harmony,
walking the path of Light and Love.

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