London Olympics 2012 Women Football Final – 9 Aug at Wembley London (USA vs JPN)

A Dream Came True.

Since childhood, we all have been brought up watching Olympics. Olympics are the mother of all the sporting events. I always thought about that one day i would be watching it live instead on the media or TV sets. It doesnt matter if my countrymen would be playing in that particular game or not, its just a matter of Unity and Peace in sports to support the Olympics. The day came, after done some massive and detailed planning and research, i finally managed to get the tickets for two olympics events. Football and the Boxing. Initially i was little astonished when i was trying to get the tickets online, as i am being non European couldn’t get the ticket online from official website of London 2012 OIympics. I dont want to go into details here, just added few lines on how i manage the tickets, i will give details about it in my next blogs. Keep reading.

Here i just want to share what my eyes saw, my companion CANON camera captured the breathtaking scenes of Women football final. It was the biggest gathering in any of the Olympics games – 80230 official attendance.

And the Party Started :


Crowd entering the Stadium before the Match.


More than 80,000 people coming to support their teams.


Before the Match, teams are forming up.


USA on attack. Japanese defense was great.



USA at 1st Position.



Enjoyment in the stadium.


American team thanking the crowd after the match.


One of many US supporter.


The end of the great Party.


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