London Olympics 2012, Boxing Semi Finals – 10 Aug at Excel Arena London

after watching the grand finale of women football final of London 2012 Olympics, i decided to go and watch Boxing Semi finals at Excel Arena London. As i already bought the tickets long time ago and was truly amazed with the colorful atmosphere and environment at Wembley for Football final, i was well prepared mentally and physically to have a blast of Boxing. The Excel Arena is just an awesome arena, the way officials and management built this huge complex is something they deserve a big Pat on their backs. These guys really worked hard day and night to produce a quality time and infrastructure to the crowd and public. The crowd was from all over the world, dancing, singing, chanting slogans, hugging each other, clapping, kids playing, drinking, food, souvenirs etc – you name it and it was there. May our world be like the same in Peace and Smiling – Amen. I am posting few pics of the event that will be in my heart and thoughts throughout my life and until i am breathing.

The Boxing Experience and Some Words from Amir Khan (The Champ).

The Best thing i saw at the Olympics – Super Power and Nuclear Power showing Friendship.


Pavement to the Main Arena.


Sea of People going to watch the Finals.


Some Malaysians supporting their team by dancing.


The boxing hall inside the Arena.


Amir Khan (Heavy Weight Champ) with the fans.


1st Semi Final of the Day. China vs Ireland.




2nd Semi Final of the Day.



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