Autumn Leaves.

Walking on the fallen autumn leaves,
I kept on thinking.

Kept on compromising on life,
Kept on writing poetry.

Remembering the monsoon days,
We had together.

Remembering the cozy beach walks,
When sky used to drizzle on us.

Now its hard to manage life,
There is no story in my eyes left.

Can someone bring me back my days,
My feelings my thoughts my memories.

My boat is sinking in this flood,
I am the river flowing in into another sea.

My life is like autumn leaves, autumn leaves.


London Olympics 2012, Boxing Semi Finals – 10 Aug at Excel Arena London

after watching the grand finale of women football final of London 2012 Olympics, i decided to go and watch Boxing Semi finals at Excel Arena London. As i already bought the tickets long time ago and was truly amazed with the colorful atmosphere and environment at Wembley for Football final, i was well prepared mentally and physically to have a blast of Boxing. The Excel Arena is just an awesome arena, the way officials and management built this huge complex is something they deserve a big Pat on their backs. These guys really worked hard day and night to produce a quality time and infrastructure to the crowd and public. The crowd was from all over the world, dancing, singing, chanting slogans, hugging each other, clapping, kids playing, drinking, food, souvenirs etc – you name it and it was there. May our world be like the same in Peace and Smiling – Amen. I am posting few pics of the event that will be in my heart and thoughts throughout my life and until i am breathing.

The Boxing Experience and Some Words from Amir Khan (The Champ).

The Best thing i saw at the Olympics – Super Power and Nuclear Power showing Friendship.


Pavement to the Main Arena.


Sea of People going to watch the Finals.


Some Malaysians supporting their team by dancing.


The boxing hall inside the Arena.


Amir Khan (Heavy Weight Champ) with the fans.


1st Semi Final of the Day. China vs Ireland.




2nd Semi Final of the Day.


London Olympics 2012 Women Football Final – 9 Aug at Wembley London (USA vs JPN)

A Dream Came True.

Since childhood, we all have been brought up watching Olympics. Olympics are the mother of all the sporting events. I always thought about that one day i would be watching it live instead on the media or TV sets. It doesnt matter if my countrymen would be playing in that particular game or not, its just a matter of Unity and Peace in sports to support the Olympics. The day came, after done some massive and detailed planning and research, i finally managed to get the tickets for two olympics events. Football and the Boxing. Initially i was little astonished when i was trying to get the tickets online, as i am being non European couldn’t get the ticket online from official website of London 2012 OIympics. I dont want to go into details here, just added few lines on how i manage the tickets, i will give details about it in my next blogs. Keep reading.

Here i just want to share what my eyes saw, my companion CANON camera captured the breathtaking scenes of Women football final. It was the biggest gathering in any of the Olympics games – 80230 official attendance.

And the Party Started :


Crowd entering the Stadium before the Match.


More than 80,000 people coming to support their teams.


Before the Match, teams are forming up.


USA on attack. Japanese defense was great.



USA at 1st Position.



Enjoyment in the stadium.


American team thanking the crowd after the match.


One of many US supporter.


The end of the great Party.

Edinburgh Military Tattoo – Aug 2012

During my recent visit to UK to watch few events at the Olympics, my friends asked me to visit worlds famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival. I decided to take the train from London to Edinburgh and had an expreience of worlds most beautiful train ride in Scotland. The festival was awesome, starting from Theaters, plays, dances to Street Performers – everything was awesome, just speechless. The old and beautiful historical city of Edinburgh was giving looks of a bride.

I thought to share some pictures of the festival, so decided to start with Military Tattoo. The military bands from all over the world come here to perform.

The Show Must Go On :







May be “A” wrote it for me, may be this is one of so many complaints !!!  i am not sure but read these lines somewhere, wanted to share.

I heard about you once,

transparent man with iron pressed pants.

You look familiar,

Even though i can see through you.

You follow me on sun-lit days

and lamp-lit nights.

You shine in silver stream

and float it in framed photographs.

Now you gaze in glass

and hover in the hues.

Your presence is a comfort,

a clue that i exist.

Doubt reigns in the dark …..






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