No Desire Remain – Heart Touching (Another Dimension)

The soothing sufi poetry of Harzrat Shah Niaz, beautifully sung by Abida Parveen, She takes you where you have never been before.

With beautiful translation in English by Anonymous .

Wonder has made me needless from both Worlds, This Sleeping has made me like awaken.

When the eye of this sad heart Opened, No wetness and dampness is left.

My eye got such Amazement that, The effect of effect less got on me.

That sound was heard by the ear of Life, Only thing left was Oblivion.

As wondrous love revealed itself, The fairy vanished .. The ecstasy lost.

Nor you remained .. Nor i was found, Mere oblivion was all there was.

O surrender in love, You have given me a taste that pales all worldliness.

No desire remains, In the heart filled with submission.

Neither distance nor fear Neither hope nor prayer, Neither thoughts of Subjugation,nor desire of Godliness.

No Place for exchange of words, no occasion for further quest,

Where neither consciousness reaches, nor thoughts transcend its realm.

No one resides, neither habitation exist, Is where this wandering heart has come to camp.

Where there is no Union, no separation, no sorrow, no joy,

What is said to be an endless oblivion, I enter such a slumber.





It is better to die than to live in your world.

Was listening this great sad track by great Lata Jee, thought of to translate it and share it.

It is better to die than to live in your world
Those tears and grief come, wherever I go.

There should have been some house
Where I could have found some love
There are those unfamiliar faces wherever I go.

Oh the ONE in the sky
Tell me what is wrong in that
Even if four gusts of happiness pass here.

Mortal Beings

Our needs
Our thoughts
Our wishes
Goes on and on
Like the flowing river
Like the floating ships
Like the blowing wind
Like the soothing waves
Hitting the shores
Slowly saying to the wet shores
One day this all will be gone
All will be vanished
Like the thunderstorm
Like the flooding of rivers
Like the suspended dust in the wind
Only the memoirs will be there
Good deeds bad deeds
Will be left in people’s heart
We are just like a
Dust particle in the sunbeam.

Dew on Your Lips

I wish i can stop these moments
The moments i am spending with you

Take me with the innocence of your face
with the mildness of your face
with the dimples on your face when you laugh
with the dew on your lips

Hide me in the clouds of your hair
in the redness of your lips
in your fragmented breaths
in your bright shiny eyes
in your silky sweet talks
in your pleasing thoughts
in your rain drop like tears

I wish i can be your dragonfly
I wish i can be your butterfly

I wish i can stop these moments
for a while, for a while

The Wait is ON.

Why we are apart?
I am awaiting and awaiting

I was alone before you came
I am still alone even after you came into my life

When i first saw you
I thought my life will become better

You will sing my poems
Am i getting or loosing something, i dont know

My heart is heart, not a stone or rock
Why should not i feel the pain

Will you continuously tormenting me
Am i getting mad due to this pain

The restless nights full of dreams
I am awake and awake, dont know until when

Blue sky is sleeping
Giving impression as if stars have vanished

I am awaiting and awaiting

Dragon Fly Love

Wrote by “A” on 6th July 2011.

Perched on a blade of grass
You watch me–
Shimmering iridescence in emerald green and azure blue,
A mermaid with wings.
Delicate beauty.
How will you withstand the weight of a summer storm?


A Long Night of Loneliness

Its a long night of loneliness
WIll it be ever passed

I can see the stars in clear sky
Will the stars ever be mine

My heart is getting restless
What type of loneliness is this

What kind of Feeling is this
Am i still dreaming

I am watching someone in my dreams
Someone is speaking in my dreams
Someone is floating in my breaths

Can you tell me
Can you give me any justification

Have you given your heart to someone
Do you belong to someone

Will there be any dawn
Will there be any change

When will it pass
The long night of loneliness

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